How Do You Know If She Likes Me?


If you’re asking yourself “does she like me” over and over again, then you’re missing out on one of the main underlying messages of this course. Granted, we’ve never explicitly stated it before, but we’ve tried to hint at it a lot. Still, if you’re not getting it, let me go ahead and spell it out for you:
Attraction does not just happen–you have to CREATE it
From a statistical standpoint, you are more likely to win the lottery, get hit by an asteroid, or fall into an alternate dimension where cats keep people as pets than have a woman wake up one day and start liking you out of nowhere. It just doesn’t happen. Your time is better spent learning how to poop in a litter box than wondering “does she like me”.
Attraction comes from action–your actions. It doesn’t just come out of the blue, you have to create attraction. You do this with your attitude, your appearance, and conversational dynamics, which you use in the ways we teach in this course and the Members’ Section. Forget everything you’ve learned from dorky sitcoms and romantic comedies: it takes effort on your part to get a woman interested in you. So asking “Does she like me?” is a waste of time; if you’re putting forth that effort, and doing it correctly, she likes you. If you’re not, she probably doesn’t. That simple.
Of course, every situation is different, so you’re not guaranteed to interest 100% of the women you approach, even if your game is top-notch. Still, if you approach a woman and she’s not interested, despite your best efforts, she’ll let you know, thus making it pointless to ask “does she like me”. In any event, most guys get into this situation with one particular girl. Usually it’s someone they’ve known for awhile, but they haven’t had any success with, so they fixate on her, wondering if she likes them, pining away for days, weeks, months–you get the picture.
Don’t obsess over one girl!
This is actually the #1 mistake most guys make: they focus on one girl, unsure if she likes him or not. Most of the time, the reason they do this is because they were too insecure to approach her in the first place, and they end up in a nebulous relationship where they know each other, and that’s it–they’re not friends, not dating, not really much of anything. Again, if you haven’t approached a girl and made the effort to create attraction, she probably doesn’t like you. So get up your nerve and put the moves on her; you’ll know within a few minutes whether you’ve got a chance or not.
Sometimes you can approach a girl and still get a vague response from her. If, after you’ve given it your best shot and you’re still not sure if she likes you, move on. Worrying yourself silly about one girl’s ambiguous intentions keeps you from meeting other women, who will more likely than not prove much easier targets.
Occasionally, a woman will make it clear, in no uncertain terms, that she doesn’t like a guy, and he’ll keep approaching her, not getting it, wondering if he’s got a chance. He doesn’t. He is called a “stalker”, and may be subject to criminal prosecution. If you find yourself in this situation, definitely move on to another woman.
In short, wondering “Does she like me?” is pointless. You have to create attraction; it doesn’t create itself. If you approach a girl, you’ll find out soon enough whether there’s a spark or not. And if she still isn’t sending any clear signals after you talk to her for awhile, move on: she’s just keeping you from happier hunting grounds.
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