The causes of male infidelity


Whatever the reasons that push women to make an affair with someone else, they differ from men’s reason by deeper spiritual needs. When men cheat, they usually decide on very simple reasons.

Why men cheat on their partners

The causes of male infidelity are:

  • The inspiration for a new interesting partner. The man can meet a woman who understands him better than his partner (for example – Francia James). If he feels happier with her, he can easily switch the partners
  • Heredity. If his father cheated on his wife, then a son can do this also
  • Search for new sensations. For many men, this tactic is in the genes
  • Female environment. When a man works in the women’s team, there are many young and attractive women who flirt with him, he is easily tempted
  • The thirst for power. An affair with a pretty girl increases his self-esteem
  • Pregnancy or untidy wife. Careless attitude to themselves and those extra pounds can push even a loving to an infidelity
  • No responsibility. Forgiven more than once, the man continues to cheat.

Man’s infidelity can be simply from boredom and from dissatisfaction. If the woman is not interesting, her husband will find a more sensual and uninhibited woman on the side. Anyway, the main reason for infidelity is the lack of attention between partners.