Text Message Flirting Tips


Well, as a text message seems to be a new social phenomenon, I thought it would be a good idea to give some tips on how to flirt with text messages. First, it”s back to some of the basic building appeal, confidence, sense of humor, mystery, emotional maturity and decision making, the passion, not necessity, the care of your body, good skills communication and play. What I do is give you several texts flirting strategies that will help you nail all ten of these attraction triggers: Use curiosity as text messages to a woman, you must never tell the whole story in one message. Always give a reason to respond to your text through the use of curiosity. The few examples below show the difference between simply sending a text and use your curiosity to engage in conversation: Incorrect: “Have you been thinking about you, we had a great night… hope you have a good day.”Right: “I’ve been thinking about you…”Now, what do you think their answer will be the first option? Well, what about the second? As you can see, the second creates curiosity and gives a reason for the text again and find out what”I’ve been thinking about it. Then you can follow the original message to give one piece at a time, creating both a mystery and suspense.

For example: You: “Have you been thinking about you…”She: “How is that?”Then you follow with some sort of comment on something you said or did when I was with her. The key to make this work is to make a reference to something that will create a sense…

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Women create feelings have a keener sense of their feelings and emotions, so it is more likely to respond to messages that appeal to their feelings. A good way to do this is to actually use the words and phrases that suggest physical sensations. Neuro-scientific research tells us that a woman has more connections between the sensitive side of his brain and that the logical thought processes and ideas. This means that when you describe something that a woman suggesting a physical sensation, which actually has a more meaningful experience in your imagination of what might feel. This is why texts that suggest feelings and sensations can create the impression that you and your close to each other. For example, the texts that describe in detail how”we will massage your feet or back, kiss her, hug her or hug her all going to wake feeling. Don”t even have to go into much detail with them, just make some comments and your imagination does the rest. Time is very important to create anticipation in the text of flirting. Many men make the mistake of responding too soon for a women”s texts or not giving enough time between the texts. As a basic rule, wait 5 to 10 minutes before sending your response to one of his texts. This will keep you in suspense and keep you from leaving as needed. Wait 5 to 10 minutes will also help you find answers more intelligent, a”s that are a bit playful, or even alluding to something sexual. But it”s also important that you remain in control of the conversation to allow time to respond… even if it takes a while. The second to start the messenger because she hasn ‘t sent a message back yet, or sending messages asking things like, “What do you mean… “Lost control of the interaction and the opportunity to create suspense and anticipation..? Build attraction Remember the sections of this book about how to build attraction and to avoid coming off as needy”nice guy”. Make sure your text messages take into account these principles. For example, you can make indirect comments about who you are”will comply or you were hanging out with yesterday, and therefore increase their perceived social value in the eyes.

Creating curiosity and mystery with their text messages to keep certain things to be seen again. For example, if you ask about something that requires a bit of detail, don”t text back or call her. Instead, explain that you”ll tell you when you see it next time, and don”t give up when she insists that you say now. Another great way to build your social value with text messaging is to answer your calls to your text messages instead of calling back. This shows that you value their privacy and that aren”t going to be available to answer the phone whenever you call. Again, this is what is also available for a woman as needy makes you go and lose control interaction and relationship. Most importantly, read your messages before you get to send and ask yourself if you”is saying is the construction of the attraction or simply leave as a friend. Use the list as before to ensure that”back out as more of a potential lover than a friend.

  • Am I being needy?
  • Am I available for?
  • Am I being”cut?”
  • Am I being”slug?”
  • Do I exaggerate?
  • Am I being indecisive?

Then, consider things in this book that”I have learned to use to attract women, and start choosing his words accordingly. This will give you the opportunity to use text messaging as a tool to change your love life.. . Use text messaging text messaging to change your thinking can be especially useful if you”ve gotten into a habit of being needy and get shuffled into the friend”s area. After all, text messaging gives you time to stop their habitual reactions, and for responses which are less needy, more confident and determined and all the best at everything to position itself as a man of value. So much of the text messages and taking the time to read your answers before sending them. If you think something might come off as needy, excessively low, viscous or undecided, delete it and start over. This is another reason why”s so important to wait at least 5 minutes before responding.

Now, if that”once again feel that this type of behavior is false or misleading, or”not to be”self,”here”s something to think about: changing the way they interact with people always starts with changing how you think. who bought this book because  I wanted to feed your mind with new information, and the purpose of this new information is to influence their thinking so that their thinking influences their behavior and causes you to create different results in your love life. But it took him stop long enough to download and read this book, instead of going to think and act in a way that was not ‘t get the desired results. Now, “will be taking this new information and use it to replace the old information and that”s the same when you”re stopping to think what”re-send text messages to a woman. Text messaging gives you the option of stopping their old patterns of thought and deliberate development and selection of new, so most of it. The more you do, rather than”be able to break the old patterns of thought and communication and replace them with new ones. Very soon,”you will find yourself doing the same when you”re talking to the woman on the phone or in person. And after fairly constant practice, you ‘ll develop a whole new mindset and new patterns of behavior when it comes to their interactions with women. And as you can imagine, this course will make you get the results that”are after. Y”m guessing that sounds like a good idea. Good luck!