Science Has Spoken! Here Are 7 Scientific Reasons To Make Love Every Day!


Sex should never be a chore. Instead, they have so many benefits, evidence supporting! Thank you, Madam science for these seven reasons to have daily sex site!

1. Sex keeps you fit!

The scientific journal PLoS ONE published a study that among young people, sex burns an average of 4.2 calories per minute in men and 3.1 calories per minute in women. During your most passionate lovemaking, you can lose up to 7.1 calories per minute! If you do the math, considering that you are the love 2 times a week for twenty minutes, it is more than 6000 calories a year! Incredible, is not it? It makes you a much more enjoyable and affordable exercise program than any gym.

2. Making love grow your youth!

A study by Oxford University reveals that sex increases the production of androgen DHEA is a natural steroid, also known as anti-aging hormone! During intercourse, DHEA is secreted in the body, and as a result orgasm , its level in the blood rises to five times its normal value. Also, women who usually love secrete a level of estrogen higher. This ensures that the skin is softer and more radiant. A higher level of estrogen is also synonymous with protection against heart disease, osteoporosis, and potentially, Alzheimer’s disease.

3. It’s good for morale!

A study in Scotland found that people who had more sex, especially women, have reduced blood pressure, compared to people abstaining from sex. These results were validated by a study conducted at Brigham Young University in which he proved the same thing.In addition to this (pun intended), an Australian study also found that people who reach the climax of pleasure three times a week have a lower 50% chance of dying for any medical reason that those who do not.

  1. Sweet torture is good for your skin!

If sex is practically a jog in terms of energy expenditure, researchers at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital have determined that it is also great for your skin. Indeed, during your lovemaking, higher levels of oxygen are pumped into the body, which increases blood circulation and nutrient supply to the skin. Epidermal cells are renewed on the surface, giving it a healthy appearance. Women who have frequent sexual intercourse thus have better skin than others. So drop the creams for the face and go rather do somersaults!

  1. Sex can make your day!

The first 20 minutes of your day can be decisive for the rest of its development. Why not start all in beauty? Dr. Debby Herbenick, author of many books on sexuality , found that adults having sex water early in the day are not only better mood, but they also have a strong immune system! So before you rush to prepare your coffee tomorrow, so take a few more minutes under the duvet !

  1. Love gets rid of menstrual cramps!

According to Dr. Jennie Campbell Leslie, muscle contractions caused when women reach orgasm can relieve muscle tension of the uterus, primarily responsible for menstrual cramps. Alleviate this tension thus significantly reduces the pain associated with menstruation.According to the American Dr., sex and masturbation are beneficial for many reasons! What good news!

  1. Sex diminish the pain!

Dr. Barry R. Komisaruk of Rutgers University in New Jersey, conducted a study showing that orgasms can block pain. In his research he found that vaginal stimulation can block chronic back pain. He also demonstrated that many women have their menstrual pain diminished through masturbation. This is also valid for arthritic pain and headaches. So ladies, ladies, you know what to do!