No Pain No Gain

Dating Relationship

Nobody likes pain, but all relationships (not just male-female relationships) involve the risk of  pain. However, the relationships involving a high risk of pain. If you want a life partner, you must be willing to accept this fact and take the risk. After being dumped, go through their grieving process, get up, and stay alive.  

Here are some tips about being rejected by men and women:

(1) If you ask 4 people to an appointment, and only 1 goes with you, you’re doing pretty well. If one 10 relations, you are also doing quite well (of course then I do not care  more, because you are married).
(2) If the man or woman has an excuse not to go on a appointment with you (I have to wash my cat…), but does not make a concrete offer to leave again (next week, on 03 July, at any time you have an account), then one must assume that she is not interested.
(3) Give or her time to decide – it might take some time to think if you are interesting or not.
(4) Keep on going. Do not mope around complaining what you can not have, seek what is in front of you.
(5) Respect people a right to say None. (And also to reconsider later) Faith, hope, love As you go through the process of finding your partner is good things to consider.

Faith, because it is the driving force behind his life. It is not a passive faith that God take one day a fellow on his lap, but an active and powerful faith that God is with you as you walk forward in your life. Hope, because it requires anticipating the day that God is at work  with you in all things for good. Love, because without the love of God be able to take your eyes off of their own needs sufficient time to form a relationship. Pact I have said that the pact is larger than the commitment (which is based on feelings) and larger than the contract (which is based on a fair exchange). Pact has to do with the gods the transformative power of man and woman into one. Here are a few more of my ideas about alliance based on traditional marriage vows.

  • I’ll take… is an individual activity is entrusted freely available / herself others. It is never coerced.
  • To be… talks about the transition from a state of being in another. Marriage is not a role However, since it is a transfiguration. One of them is transformed from one man to be a husband. He is  identifiable as a man stop being a husband, but it’s not just a man as she is not just as a woman.
  • My wedded wife / husband… speaks of the communal dimension of marriage. It agreed and said that the good of society and is the hope of the covenant of community for the future.
  • To… speaks of the joy of the marriage covenant. To be moved by the the fact that now the husband has what he / she has expected.
  • And to celebrate… speaks of the permanence of those who have and personal responsibility that is to carry out what has been given. It speaks out against greed and introduces idea of ​​self-esteem.
  • For the love… emphasis on emotion (eros) and motivation (agape) of the alliance.
  • And to cherish… speaks of the attitude which is not surprising that the permissions of the covenant.
  • For better or for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health… is a statement of reality  normal marriage. There will be many ups and downs and the agreement is sufficient for all one of them.
  • Until death do us part… reminds the couple of the eternity of the alliance. The emphasis is on safety commitments.
  • According to God’s holy ordinance… Who speaks of those who promulgated and authorizes the pact. This is the ordinance, because God is God who plays and who is the says the pact.

Compatibility Of course, hanging out with other people who like what you like and what you do. Compatibility is a good  thing, but not everything. Compatibility can lead to excessive closeness, to be more like brothers / sisters of other sex friends, and eventually, boredom. Anyway, never find someone who is perfectly compatible, supported only in some areas and all different in others. And compatibility is not a biblical criterion for marriage, though still good to be consistent about much. This is the whole issue of equal yoke of another perspective.

That’s it!
That’s all that really meant. I hope it is useful and that promotes a reflection. I hope you will use this document as an excuse to disagree with me  about some of what I said, so we can talk about you and your partner. Thank you for  reading!