How Women & Men Differ in Their Pursuit of Sex And Love

Dating Romance

Sex is one of the most basic, intimate feelings and actions that a person will ever partake in. Ideally, sex should be between two people who love each other. But, singles really do, in the meantime, have all sorts of reasons for having sex. Sex and love are very different for men and women, but in the end, they can join beautifully in a wonderful experience.

As a girl becomes a woman, she will often struggle with the pursuit of male attention. She may or may not really want to have sex, but there is a certain value in being noticed by the male sex. She might feel pressured to act differently to attract a man. She will certainly wonder what is wrong with her if she is not able to attract men.

There is also the conflict of modesty. There is a certain shame towards woman who are too sexually active. It is seen as an achievement to attract men, however, it is a flaw to sleep with them. But in the midst of these societal pressures, she wants to be loved. Many times, she will not know how she will want to be loved, but she will long for a connection.

As for men, the need for sex is much more immediate. Sex is an achievement for men. However, it is not an achievement to pick up a woman who is easy to get in bed. While men love sex, they need a challenge. In some stages of life, they might not take sex too seriously, and may or may not desire an intimate relationship.

What many women do not understand is the fact that men have a desire to be in a loving relationship much more than they lead on. But the reason men seem to break hearts and not follow through with their promises is because they really want something deeper in their pursuit of sex and love. Even if they are with a woman who is pretty enough and smart enough to meet their requirements, if there is not a deep, soul-to-soul connection, they might not be able to be as faithful as they have the potential to be, no matter how hard they try.

When a woman has sex with a man she really loves, she can feel pleasure, and she can feel beautiful, and loved. But she will also have a feeling of nurturing. Sex is an extension of her maternal instincts, in a way. She wants to be held, and to hold someone close to her. If she is able to have all of the above in sex and love, and experience physical pleasure, she will be extraordinarily satisfied.

As for men, it is hard for them to be less than physically satisfied. But when it comes to a deeper connection, his feelings of protection and masculinity will bring out the best in him. If he is with someone he truly, truly loves, he will be satisfied on a much deeper level.