How To Make Sure Your SO Never Gets Bored Of You

Dating Relationship

After years or even just months of being with someone you love, you might worry that you will one day run out of things to talk about. Chances are, however, your love will either grow or fade as time goes on. It does take some work to keep a relationship engaging, but it is more than worth it.
Don’t Do Too Much At Once
You do not need to tell your new partner all of your secrets and childhood memories in the first few months of dating them. There is nothing wrong with keeping a few details to yourself. Being open and honest will enhance intimacy. But being too open can take all of the excitement out of the relationship.
There are a ton of great things you can do with your partner. You can go mountain-climbing, jet-skiing, and so much more. But making all of these exciting plans in one month will leave you at a loss for ideas. Strive to do something new once a week or every two weeks, depending on how often you see your partner. You will find that you never run out of ideas.
The same goes for sex. While the speed at which you discover your partner sexually depends on your own personal morals and ideals, taking it a little more slowly than you normally might will make your relationship more exciting. Many great relationships do start as one-night stands, but in most cases you should pace yourself.
Let Your Partner Take Over
Instead of looking for new things to talk about and do with your partner, give them a chance to impress you. You will learn a lot more about them if you simply listen to their ideas about what to do next. This is also the best way to stay on the same page. Taking time to really listen is the best way to show you care.
Sometimes, your significant other will want to do things that you will not be very interested in. Going to a wrestling match or a jazz concert might not be your idea of a good time, but making sacrifices will be worthwhile. This will also give you a chance to see your partner in their own environment. It is a good idea to know how your boyfriend acts in a sports bar with his buddies, for example.
Take Time Apart
Having your own hobbies and interests will allow you to develop as an individual while you are in a relationship. So long as you are able to balance your time between being apart and together, you will be able to feel as though you have a life outside the relationship, while still feeling connected.
By no means is it healthy to take breaks from the relationship altogether. Some really great relationships do withstand multiple breakups, but it can really strain your sense of trust and stability. If you find yourself in a situation where you keep breaking up and getting back together, try taking a long, hard look at whether or not you are benefiting from the situation.

By saving some surprises and allowing your partner to take the wheel at times, you will be able to keep a relationship strong and exciting for many years to come. Never forget that sense of attraction that you felt on your first date.