How Listening Skills Improve Dating

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Developing listening skills is crucial in creating any sort of connection with a woman. Whether you’re just intent on meeting a girl for dates or developing a relationship, your ability to listen will factor a lot.
Experts consider this ability as the foundation of creating attraction and strengthening connections. This is true.
When you meet a woman and she starts telling you stuff about her, you must take it as a sign that she is willing to start something with you. Remember that women tend to be more emotional than men, and when they do share their emotions or basically anything about them, you have to listen!
Being listened to is one of women’s most basic needs. She wants to be heard and understood. Observe what a lot of women tell their friends when they break up with their boyfriends or didn’t want to pursue a relationship. One of the most common things you’ll hear her say is that the guy don’t listen and understand what she feels.
Always remember that women are very much in tune with their emotions; they want to express their feelings all the time, and, most importantly, she needs someone to listen.
It is your job to listen to her. If you want to get to know her, then you know what you’ve got to do.
Guys who blabber all the time and talk about their cars, job, or toys don’t get women. The few guys who do are usually good-looking or have a lot of money, which is the only reason girls go out with them. But if you’re an ordinary-looking guy, broke, and don’t know how to shut up and listen to a girl, you know you’re headed on a downhill path.
Not listening to a woman will lead you to overlook the things she needs and wants. This can get in the way of creating a strong and genuine connection between the both of you.
In other words, not having the proper listening skills can be dangerous.
But is it enough that you listen when a woman starts talking? Of course not. You have to show genuine interest. Another thing you need to know about women is that they have killer instincts. They’ll sense if you’re just going for the ride. If you’re faking it, she’ll figure it out.
But what if you’re not really interested in what she’s saying? It’s simple, really. Try to swiftly maneuver the conversation into something that you like. Or ask her a question. That would open up a whole new topic. The good thing about this is that she’ll be able to confirm that you’re interested because you’re taking part in the conversation. You’re not just an audience. She’s actually talking to somebody.
That’s really all you have to do. The moment she feels you’re listening to her, she’ll warm up even more. She’ll become fond of you, feel comfortable with you, and even trust you. Those are enough to create a strong connection between the two of you.
Listening skills are important. They’ll help you build attraction and create stronger connection.
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