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Do you need a lesson on how to approach women? Then you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re back in the dating game after sitting on the benches for a few years or you’re trying to release your inner pick-up artist, these tips are guaranteed to help you hook up with the ladies.
Need an Opener? Use Directions
Lots of guys freeze up when trying to make the first connection with an attractive woman because they don’t know what to say. They haven’t perfected the right icebreaker yet. Instead of using something corny like “What’s your sign?” or “Your arms must be tired because you’ve been flying through my mind all night” just ask the girl directions.
Go up to her on the street or even in the bar and say, “Do you know how to get to (fill in the blank)?” Not only is this a good way to start a conversation, but you can also follow it up with “Do you want to show me how to get there? I’m awful with directions.” Next thing you know you’re on your first date.
Just Start Talking . . . to Anyone
One of the most interesting approaching women tips is to just start talking. When you step into the club or bar or wherever you go to mingle, talk to at least 25% of the people you encounter. You don’t have to stop for a full conversation. Just smile and say, “How’s your night going?” or “Great music, isn’t it?”
This shows that you are friendly and also makes approaching an attractive woman seem more natural. If you’re a friendly guy, friendly guys talk to people, even very attractive women. Use one of your dialogue openers like the ones above. If she smiles back and seems interested in continuing the conversation, stick around and see what you have to “talk” about.
Get Imaginative
The best way to learn how to approach women is through practice. The more you practice the better you get. But until you build up some confidence, you’re not going to get much practice. Here’s the solution: use your imagination. This isn’t daydreaming. This is something much more focused.
Next time you see an attractive girl you want to talk to, do this: imagine yourself confidently going up to her, smiling, and striking up a conversation. She responds with interest and both of you know it the two of you exchanging numbers, planning a date, or even leaving together. After you’ve vividly recreated this experience in your mind, the time is right to put your plan in action. And, guess what, you’re going to feel less anxious and more confident.
That’s because you’ve just tricked your brain into thinking you’ve already successfully approached this woman before. And if you’re feeling less anxious, odds are good that you’ll have better luck when you go up to her.
With these approach women tips, you’ll be able to move a little closer to your dating goals…. but these alone won’t make you a Don Juan! Inside the members are you can get the complete and detailed guide on how to approach women successfully every time.
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