Adalt entertainment in Toronto safety tips



If you are looking for some adult entertainment in Toronto, you should be aware of some safety issues. They concern your health and the law.


Watch out: a policewoman dressed as a hooker

The attitude to prostitution in Canada is ambiguous. It is not illegal, though the government is leaning towards stricter laws on that. The point is that now the clients are considered to be guilty more then a prostitute. They are fighting the demand, not the offer.  So, if you ask a lady for sex and suggest her money, you can be imprisoned for five years or get a big fine. Of course the situation is not that dangerous and thousands of men are using escort services every day. But try to be polite with the girls and don’t be too rude or too direct. Remember, you are not paying for sex, you are “showing gratitude” for sex.


If you are under suspicion, a police woman may come to you dressed as a prostitute. Then you’ll be caught and sent to police station. If you are attentive enough, you will find out that  the hooker is fake before you get into prison.


One of the safest ways is to find a girl online. Nowadays there are lots of websites like SexoToronto, where you can find a girl, read reviews on her, arrange a meeting by phone and ask all the questions you are interested in. She can send you her selfies you will be aware of whom you’ll meet. Thus you’ll have a guarantee, that you are meeting an escort, not a policewoman.


Health first


The second danger that you may face when using sex services is sexually transmissible infections. Of course, meeting a VIP prostitute is quite safe, because these girls care passionately for their health. But if you turn to massage parlours girls, prostitutes from bawdy houses and especially streetwalkers, you must protect yourself. Don’t rely on the girl, because she’s likely not to have condoms with her. And you don’t want to waste your time running to the drugstore during the encounter, do you? So buy some condoms in advance.


Most men understand that natural sex is unsafe and don’t practice it. But they forget, that blowjob, anal sex and cunnilingus can ruin their health (and sometimes their life) too. So put a condom on if you are going to get a blowjob or anal and try to avoid pussy licking. Even if the girl has a medical certificate, you know nothing about the client who visited her an hour ago. As for streetwalkers, quite a lot of them are drug-takers and are HIV positive, so it’s better not to use their services.