Love Does Not Cost A Thing

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Citing the love is one of my favorite quotes love!  
Do you need another appointment to love? Really? Well. How about this one?
“Like it or not, believe it or not, if it makes sense to you or not is irrelevant. All that matters is that it is love – not money – it does  the world go round! ”
That quote is the last love of my absolute favorite, and was coined by my good self. Similarly, in my neighborhood, there is also a popular love quotes referring to the  connection between love and money. It goes like this:
“When you have money, girls called honey! But when you have no money, call girls monkey! ”
No Romance Without Finance?
But is there really a connection between love and money? Well, the way people behave these days seem to suggest so. The general ideology of the people around the world today “no romance without finance”, or “non-financial, or romance. ”

In fact, there is certainly no denying the fact that the  the current generation of adolescents and young people in their 20 years of age in general, value money and material things more – compared with girls of the same age group decades ago.

And that attitude is not restricted to girls alone. Their male counterparts in general, behave similarly. The love of money is so great today that some young can even sell his own mother in exchange for hard cash! No lie! No kidding! And that is precisely why moral values ​​and an expression of true love has been a  steady decline over the past 30 years worldwide, due to general The prevailing attitude of  “get rich or die trying.” Just take a look at the divorce rate worldwide statistics for you to understand what I’m talking about here.

Reflecting this widespread behavior attitude, Gwen Guthrie sang the song “Is not ‘Goin’ Nothing At La Venta, but a couple of decades ago. Some of the lyrics  of the song are the following:

Boy, nothing in life is free. That’s why I’m asking what you do for me I’ve got responsibilities. So I am looking for a man who has money in his hands. Cause nothing comes nothing at all; You have to have something if you want to be with me. Oh, life is too serious, too mysterious love. A fly girl like me needs security. Cause it is not nothing goin on but the rent. You have to have a job if you want to be with me.  It’s nothing goin on but the rent. You have to have a job if you want to be with me. No romance without finance. I said no romance without finance. Waoh! That song was the bomb! You know why? Whether or not the point of view expressed by that song is the way Gwen felt personally about the connection between  love and money is not important.

What is important is that although the song that captures and still lives in the general attitude of all peoples around the world about love and money. If you think differently, then shows me a girl who just can not buy! My guess is that it is in the proportion of one to one thousand! For most girls, is not  romance without finance!
O, no funding, no romance!
Pure and simple.
But would not it be a refreshing change if we once more people than women  simply refuse to be bought? Personally, I see no pride in the dignity that when you simply give way to the highest  bidder!
But is there really a connection between love and money?