How Do I Know If He Loves Me?

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It is found, it is forging ties with him, you feel close to him but how he loves us? How to know if he is really interested in our whole person and not a mere fleeting attraction? So many questions we working before things materialize, but also at the beginning and even throughout a relationship. If of course the best solution would be to ask him directly, there is still some signs that you can identify in your relationship and see where is he is in his feelings towards you. It’s up to you to spot these signs and understand them. You just have to be careful not to interpret them in to see them in one direction or the other.

Read whether he likes you!

The best way to know what he feels for you is to learn it in him, that is to say, to read in his eyes and in his gestures. To achieve this, you have to learn to trust what you feel but be careful not to read too much into things. To avoid this, consider his looks and gestures when you are in a quiet place, rested. Do not think about it after a bad day or while you’re arguing with the man, you have a tendency to take everything wrong. If you really afraid of not being able to be objective in your judgment, ask a trusted friend what she thinks, what she noticed special. Wait while she gave you his opinion before giving you you’re not influence it.

It is often said that the eyes are the mirror of the soul, that is what you are going to check learning to read in her eyes. One look can tell many things: joy, sadness, contempt but also love and passion. To identify what feelings expressed her eyes, you do not have to scan the intensely staring at it, analyzing it as an object of study. It might especially feel uncomfortable and find your very strange behavior. Try to feel his feelings through the eyes that you catch. Keep in mind also that door might be on you the tenderest glances when you do not see it. An expression of affection, even if it is not the consuming passion, is already a very good sign.

The gestures are easier to control and we do not all have the same habit of proximity with each other. We must learn to read his actions according to his personal habits. Usually it is very close to other women? Very touch? Or it is a rather remote temperament when it is a physical approach? With this grid understanding that you can launch objectively reading his gestures. Locate the marks of affections and affection he bears you. If these gestures might be those of a best friend are related to things that make you feel the desire he has for you is that he certainly feelings for you. A man in love will want you physically. The two types of actions must be mixed.

What he does and what he says will tell you if he likes you or not …

For that you can make your opinion and know if he loves you, you must spend time with him. If he has feelings for you, it will naturally seek to see you, that you do things both. But you may not have the same desires and the same way of spending time together: while you’re rather out with friends and lovers, to do special things, it will just be happy to see you every day without doing anything special. In all cases it is necessary to know what makes him want to avoid misinterpreting things. However, if he loves you and you do not have the same desires for the time you spend together, it will make efforts to make you happy and do what you love browse around this site.

At these times, you are among friends or both, output, or at home, you will be able to better feel his feelings. This by its proximity to you, for what he does, but also by his words and the way he talks to you. For example, he has special attentions to you? They may be more mundane like to leave you the most pleasant place as most touching with a note, a small gift or other thing he knows it will make you happy. This will also be valid throughout your relationship. The little touches are what make it possible to show, to confirm our love for each other, to show that we take him and we think of him, we want to please him.

What he says is important: when you promise something, like an output, does he really? When talking about you, what vocabulary he uses? A Does a different discourse, special when it is for you? Does A special intonation? All this will help to identify his feelings. But there is no way to say that is important, the content of your discussions is too. Is he confides in you? Does it allow you to access a little more to her secret garden, to better know it and therefore to better understand it? Of course, everyone is not very conducive to self-talk but love makes you want to share personal things. Sometimes it takes only a little time for confidence to be truly installed you.

He respects you = He loves you (well almost …)

This last point is crucial: a person who loves you is someone who respects you. It should not try to change you or to make you do things you do not want to do. If he likes you, it’s entirely. Certainly your flaws can sometimes annoy, you are not perfect, to his delight. But he should not try to change you. If he loves you he will try to discuss things that do not go with you, so that everyone make efforts and compromises that things are getting better. This is not to either make the effort and to adapt, these are things that you must both take part.

This is especially visible for established couples. If you are still together and are looking to know his feelings, respect is also important. This may involve the way he talking to you through its intonations, his turns of phrase. But it goes on, as if you were a couple, by acceptance of your person in totality. With your skills course but also your little flaws.

Similarly, you are together or not, it must respect your taste, what you enjoy doing. If you are accustomed to associate with other boys, this can also allow you to discover his feelings: a man in love is often a jealous man . Of course this should not be sickly but a little time to time jealousy show you that wishes to you. As it leaves you still dating people you want and respects your friends, this is not a problem. Respect also means the confidence he has in you.